One of our original launch drinks.  A unique twist on a classic.


200ML (Two Servings)

19% ABV


Sixty Six English Rum





Apple & Saffron Daiquiri

  • Made with the finest British ingredients, our Apple Daiquiri still pays homage to its Cuban origin with a fresh, fruity taste at its core. This favourite uses Sixty Six English rum, mixed with Supasawa and balanced with Saffron and Apple to create a refreshing, faultless taste.


    We pride ourselves on creating truly unique cocktails for those that enjoy a luxury tipple.


    Our Apple & Saffron Daiquri Mixologist: Martin

    Martin created our bespoke Apple Daiquiri, and for every one we sell, £1 is donated to Cancer Research UK, a charity Martin has chosen to support. Not only do you get to enjoy an exclusive cocktail, you get to support those in need.

    For more info on our Mixologists and their charities visit our 'About Us' page.