One of our original launch drinks.  A unique twist on a classic.


200ML (Two Servings)

32.2% ABV


Cutty Sark Prohibition Whisky

Rosso English vermouth

Coffee Bitters




  • As legend goes the Manhattan was created in the 1870’s at a banquette held at the Manhattan club. Although created in the big apple, if you’re fan of all the best of Britain this one’s for you. We’ve taken the best locally sourced ingredients to create a timeless classic - using the historic Cutty Sark Prohibition Whisky, expertly blended together with the award-winning Rosso English Vermouth, a twist of coffee bitters and a hint of chocolate to create a truly delicous smooth flavour.


    We pride ourselves on creating truly unique cocktails for those that enjoy a luxury tipple.


    Our Manhattan Mixologist: Martin

    Martin created our bespoke Manhattan, and for every one we sell £1 is donated to Cancer Research UK, a charity Martin has chosen to support. Not only do you get to enjoy an exclusive cocktail, you get to support those in need.

    For more info on our Mixologists and their charities visit our 'About Us' page.